How Do Mini Dental Implants Work?

Mini dental implants have become popular among people looking for an effective way to secure their replacement teeth. They are a fantastic alternative to traditional implants since they are smaller, easier to install, heal faster, and cost less than the traditional ones.

Make, Size, and Uses

Mini implants are made of Titanium alloy, the same metal used for bone implants. They are less than 3mm in size compared to the 4-5mm size of traditional ones. Due to their small size, they are an ideal choice for securing not only dentures, but also for supporting cosmetic dental procedures like crowns. They have various lengths to accommodate different bone densities as well.

Procedure for Mini-Implants

Mini-implants can be installed during a one-time in-office visit to your Kansas City implant dentist. Before the surgery takes place, an anesthetic is injected into your gums and depending on your personal condition, the mini-implants can be put right through into your jawbone or your dentist might need to make incisions to “screw in” the implants to your jaw.

Compared to traditional implants, the procedure for mini-implants is short, often taking only 90 minutes on the dentist’s chair. Since they are small, most patients who undergo mini-implant procedures do not feel extreme pain and just need to take in ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

Right after surgery, patients can also have their dentures or artificial teeth attached immediately to their mini-implants. This is a big improvement considering that with traditional implants, you need at least 3 months healing time before you could snap on your replacement teeth.

Though highly effective and inexpensive, mini dental implants may still not be for everyone. People with chronic diseases such as diabetes or those who have issues with their immune system may not be fit for any sort of dental implant.

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