The Benefits of All-on-Four Dentures

Tooth loss is a common problem that affects a large part of the population. Though tooth loss is associated with ageing, anyone from any age group can experience tooth loss as soon as their permanent teeth start growing. It’s often caused by severe cavities, infections, physical trauma, gum disease, malnutrition and chronic illness.

Losing teeth, particularly those that are integral to chewing food, regulating speech and holding up the facial structure, can have a negative impact on a person’s quality of life. Losing molars can make chewing difficult, if not impossible. A person could refrain from eating hard and solid foods just to avoid difficulty eating. Those who don’t could end with indigestion and other stomach problems like hyper-acidity, since the food isn’t broken down into smaller, easily digestible pieces before it reaches the stomach.

Their speech pattern may also be affected, since the teeth, along with the gums, lips and tongue, help with enunciating words.

Losing the front teeth poses aesthetic problems for people because it affects their physical appearance. They may feel self-conscious when smiling, talking or laughing. They may avoid smiling and cover their mouths when speaking just to conceal missing teeth. They may not feel very confident in social situations, as well as have a negative self-image. Moreover, those who have lost their front teeth may look older than they are because it gives their face a shrunken look.

All-on-four dentures provide an effective solution to missing teeth. During the procedure, your Kansas City dentist will insert four metal posts into the jaw bone, which will support a full set of dental prosthesis.

Having a full set of teeth can improve a person’s physical appearance, making them look younger and healthier. This is because the teeth will hold up the facial structure and enhance it. It can also help restore normal speech patterns, enabling the person to speak more clearly and audibly. Lastly, it restores the functionality of the mouth, allowing the person to chew properly.

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